Google matches refugee crisis donations to raise over $11 million for relief efforts

Photo Credit: CNN Money
  • Google matches refugee crisis donations for increased monetary contribution
  • The $11 million goal will be given to Google’s chosen non-profit organizations
  • Other private sector companies and British football clubs have also offered assistance

As the world witnesses the strains and struggles caused by the European refugee crisis, the private sector has stepped up to offer some much-needed assistance.

In its official blog site, Google announced that aside from its earlier pledge worth more than a million dollars, it will double its contribution by matching the first $5 million in donations in order to raise over $11 million intended for the ongoing humanitarian relief to refugees and migrants coming from the Middle East, Africa, Western Balkans, and South Asia. As of posting, Google has reached more than $7 million pledges from different parts of the globe.

Through its online donation page, the technology giant explained that the collected amount will be directed to Network for Good, which is a donor-advised fundraising platform, that will then manage the distribution to Google’s chosen non-profit groups. The chosen four non-profits are Doctors Without Borders, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. All four organizations have been providing aid in the form of food and water, shelter, medical care, and even protection from harm and abuse of rights.

Some of the other donors that are also making significant efforts just like Google are Goldman Sachs, TripAdvisor, JP Morgan Chase, Audi, ThyssenKrupp, SAP, and Uber.

Further, the plight of the refugees and migrants has pushed British football clubs to extend their help as well. Teams competing for the Champions League and Europa League agreed that one euro will be donated for the cause for every ticket sold from the games.

Manchester United Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward said, “It is important that football reflects the feelings of its communities.”

In addition, the European Club Association also issued a statement, saying, “We cannot close our eyes to the dramatic scenes currently taking place throughout Europe. We, the European clubs, understand that our work goes well beyond what we achieve on the pitch and are naturally committed to engaging in social causes and giving back to society.”