Kind-hearted people give schizophrenic man a makeover with amazing results

  • Members of a local church in Peru gave an old man a makeover with astonishing results
  • The old man who has schizophrenia was almost unrecognizable after the makeover
  • Peruvian social media users praised the community’s act of kindness

A disheveled old man with greying filthy matted hair who is well known in a small Peruvian village spends a lot of time wandering the streets of the village that dirt and grime now cover his entire body.

The old man, 83 years old, is Chuman Don Luciano who lives in the province of Ferreñafe in Peru. He has schizophrenia. Despite having a family and a home, the old man spends most of his time roaming the village where people affectionately call him “Crazy Chuman.”

On September 22, 2015, members of the local church, the Peregrin Evangelical Church, decided to give “Crazy Chuman” a makeover and the results are astonishing.

They hauled him to a makeshift “makeover station” right there on the street and gave the old man a nice shower and a haircut. He also had a shave and was provided with new set of clean clothes to wear.

After the makeover, “Crazy Chuman” was almost unrecognizable. It was the first time in years that they clearly saw his face again.

The local social services also stepped in and decided to provide him food on a regular basis. The old man was treated in a hospital for various medical conditions and given cash and a national ID.

Seeing “Crazy Chuman’s” improved quality of life, the local community plans to do more little acts of kindness. Local netizens applauded the community’s kindness to the old man.

Speaking to Buzzfeed Español, municipality spokeswoman Yesenia Abad Cross said, “These humanitarian gestures must continue. Sometimes we are a little indifferent, and forget that they are people like us and need our help.”

Jacinto Muro Tavara, the municipal mayor said, “It’s an act of humanity that sets an example to us all. I applaud the local community’s initiative in carrying out this act of solidarity.”