Maynilad takes swift action on controversial P8.2-M residential bill

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  • Maynilad said that the controversial P8.2-M water bill was merely an error
  • The company said that the error was due to a defective water meter
  • Expected increases in consumption costs are due to foreign currency adjustments

Maynilad has ensured that the company has made a swift action on the controversial P8.2 million water bill that went viral over the internet last week.

In a letter sent to Kicker Daily News, Maynilad’s Stakeholder Communications Head Jennifer Rufo stated that the exorbitant amount printed on the billing statement was only due to a defective water meter.

Our Cavite Business Area discovered the error during its billing data analysis, and immediately revised the billing the day after the wrong one was issued,” Rufo said; adding that one of the company’s officers personally visited the customer to serve the new bill, and apologize for any inconvenience that the erroneous reading may have caused.

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Last September 7, a Facebook user has posted on his account a photo of his former employer’s water bill that sums up to P8,253.285.27. The amount is 71,140 times different from the subscriber’s previous bill, which only amounted to P116.04.

Several netizens even made puns on the bill; saying that the whole city might be illegally tapped to the subscriber’s pipe lines, or that the owner might have built a number of swimming pools in his backyard.

Meanwhile, water service providers have earlier announced that there will be an increase in water consumption costs during the last two quarters of this year due to the Foreign Currency Differential Adjustment (FCDA).

Manila Water will be implementing an increase of 5 centavos per cubic meter, while Maynilad will be applying proportional increments starting from an additional 36 centavos for users with an average consumption of 10 cubic meters per month.

Maynilad is reminding their customers to directly report all concerns to the company in order to help them further improve their services. Those who wish to contact them may reach their hotline at 1626, or visit their official website at