Pope’s film premieres on Sept. 30

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  • A film about Pope Francis will be shown in the Philippines starting September 30
  • The lead role will be portrayed by internationally-acclaimed artist Dario Grandinetti
  • The movie reminisces the pontiff’s life from his teenage years up to his papacy

The motion picture showcasing the life of the well-loved leader of the Roman Catholic Church will be coming to Philippine cinemas on September 30.

 “Papa Francisco: The Pope Francis Story” (2015) features the journey of the Argentine pontiff from his teenage years up to his ascendance to the papacy.

According to a report from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the film was based on the pope’s biographical book written by veteran journalist Elisabetta Pique, who has been a close friend to Pope Francis.

(Photo Credit: Blogspot)
(Photo Credit: Blogspot)

The screen play revolves around the perspective of Ana (Silvia Abascal), a Spanish woman who works as a foreign journalist covering the 2005 conclave called to elect the successor of Pope John Paul II. It was there where he met Jorge (Dario Grandinetti), the Archbishop of Buenos Aires who has been listed as one of the top contenders to the ‘Seat of Peter’.

The story reaches its peak eight years after the two persons’ initial meeting when another conclave has been called, but this time, electing Jorge as the new leader of the global Church.

Both Grandinetti and Abascal have been awardees in the film industry, with the former winning as best actor in the 2012 Emmy Awards, and the latter as best actress in the Toulouse Cinespana and Malaga Spanish Film Festivals.

The movie was directed by Beda Docampo Feijoó, a film-maker who is one of the several celebrated personalities in the Argentinean Film Critics Association.

Watch the full-length trailer of the film here: