Study claims wearing black makes people look more attractive, intelligent

(Photo Credit: Angelo Umali/ Regina Grace Martinez)
  • A survey on how people give judgement based on the color of clothing
  • The color black topped associating in most of the positive traits mentioned in the survey
  • Study suggested people should wear black on first dates and interviews

Want to appear more intelligent and confident?

A new study claims wearing black makes people appear more attractive, confident, and intelligent.

British clothing company Buy T-Shirts Online has conducted a survey to determine how people automatically perceive others based on the color of the clothes they are wearing. As a result, black clothes appeared to be the best in almost all occasions.

In a report posted on Independent, researchers showed survey participants with almost-identical photos of the opposite s*x. The only difference on the photos shown was the color of his or her shirt – black, red, white, blue, yellow, orange, brown, and pink.

The survey participants were asked to associate the colors to different personality traits such as confidence, intelligence, and sexiness.

According to the survey, the color black came in first in most of the positive traits mentioned, while red topped as the color of arrogance.

When asked about dressing to feel sexy, 54% of the women preferred red as it signifies being passionate, but only 28% of men voted for red; saying this color is also associated to being aggressive but most men don’t want to give that impression.

(Photo Credit: Kath Amber Martinez)
(Photo Credit: Kath Amber Martinez)

Majority of women thought that men are most attractive in black and the results are the same as majority of men preferred women wearing black clothes.

Following black, red and blue are the second and third preferred colors associated with confidence.

The colors brown, orange, and pink appeared at the bottom of the list; having pink as the least preferred color and significant to lack of intelligence.

The result of latest research was backed by a study authored by academics from different universities in 2010 which has used the same method of survey- showing identical photos but wearing different colors of clothes; stating that black and red are the colors most associated to ‘attractiveness judgements’.

So in life events such as interview and first date, it is most suggested to wear black.