Video: Firefighter interrupts own wedding to save a life

Photo credit: ABC News
  • A firefighter interrupts own wedding as duty calls
  • He helped a guest who was choking
  • Some think the incident was scripted

He wasn’t a runaway groom but he did run away in the midst of his own wedding  — setting aside love for a moment in order to save a life.

According to an article posted by ABC News, Cody Campbell didn’t hesitate to help when he saw a family member who appeared to be distressed at his reception dinner.

As posted by Metro, apparently, he cannot just ignore the call of duty even if the incident happened while he and his bride were enjoying the speeches at their wedding.

In the video, Cody was seen jumping up as his father, a retired fire captain, was giving a toast for him and his wife.

“I heard a couple people yell, ‘My God she’s choking [sic],'” said Cody. The groom was able to give the woman the Heimlich maneuver and get her breathing again.

Cody’s wife, Kelly, said the incident, which happened so fast, made some of the guests think that the act was designed only to show off the groom’s skills.

“Some people in the back who couldn’t see this far ahead truly thought it might have been staged,” she said.

“But I assure you I am not an actress. That was not faking it,” the wife added.

The choking guest remained conscious and, after a few scary moments, the wedding reception continued.

The frightful incident, according to Kelly, made their special life event even more unforgettable. She appreciates the act so much.

“Saving someones’ life right in front of me on my wedding day … it’s something we’ll have forever,” the wife stated.

For her, the only word to describe the event is “special.”


Here is a video of the scene where the groom ran to rescue a guest: