Chinese paper warns US: We will use force to stop you

Photo Credit: BBC/China Daily
  • Global Times says China’s armed forces “should be ready to launch countermeasures”
  • Country’s military prepared to use force to stop US patrols
  • US is overestimating its own military

BEIJING, China – Angered by US Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s earlier remarks indicating American forces can fly and sail over the West Philippine Sea whenever they want, a semi-official paper of China’s ruling Communist Party warned the US their country is willing to meet force with force.

“In this case, China mustn’t tolerate rampant US violations of China’s adjacent waters and the skies over these expanding islands. The Chinese military should be ready to launch countermeasures according to Washington’s level of provocation,” read the editorial of the Global Times.

The paper also blasted the US for adopting an “aggressive” posture against China’s “legitimate” activities in the region.

“The US must have known that China’s reclamation work does not contravene international law, so Washington has not sufficient reason to stop China,” the paper said. “Despite the legitimacy of China’s construction work and the public good it can provide, if the US adopts an aggressive approach, it will be a breach of China’s bottom line, and China will not sit idly by.”

In the end, the editorial said China’s armed forces are willing to engage the US military in a standoff or even a shooting war if things escalate out of control.

“If Washington wants to prove it can keep its military edge in China’s offshore areas, then let it come. US military forces have a chance to test the deterrence of its equipment and willingness to show off its hegemony on China’s doorstep at any cost.”

Earlier in a meeting with Australian defense ministers, Carter said China definitely cannot stop the US from patrolling the hotly-disputed West Philippine Sea.

“Make no mistake, the United States will fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows as we do around the world,” he said. “The [West Philippine] Sea will not be an exception.”