Confirmed: Miriam Santiago says Bongbong is her running mate for 2016 elections

Photo Credit: Manila Standard Today
  • Feisty senator confirms team-up with son of late strongman
  • Santiago says team-up was “coincidental”
  • She used to serve as the late Ferdinand Marcos’ speech writer

MANILA, Philippines – Looks like it will be a “Miriam-Marcos” tandem after all.

Days after declaring her bid for the presidency, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago also confirmed she had chosen her vice presidential candidate—and it’s none other than fellow Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., the son of her former boss and late strongman Ferdinand Marcos.

“Yes, I think we mutually chose each other, our two camps,” Rappler quoted her as saying.

Santiago also described their team-up as something that could only have happened due to a twist of fate.

“We happened to cross each other, the telephone lines happened to cross each other,” she said. “It was coincidental. One camp was calling the other camp.”

The feisty senator however added she was unsure if the son of the late strongman will accompany her when she files her certificate of candidacy at the COMELEC office in Manila on October 16.

“I don’t know if he’ll be there, he’ll probably be there,” she said.

Her office promised to release a press statement on her filing soon.

Speculations were rife about the two senators’ team-up after Bongbong’s sister Ilocos Norte Imee Marcos said the two camps were engaged in talks about a possible tandem.

“Senator Miriam indicated she wanted Bongbong and I was very surprised and happy over it,” she said, added that her brother has always been considered by Santiago to be “one of his favorite people” in the Senate.

Speculations intensified further after Bongbong posted a “wayback” pic of himself with Santiago during one of their deliberations on the hotly-contested Reproductive Health bill.

Santiago earlier vowed to make the Philippines “much better than it was before” if she becomes president.