Dead man’s body propped up at a table playing dominoes in a bizarre wake

  • A dead Puerto Rican man’s body was propped up to appear like he was playing dominoes
  • It was his mother’s idea to give him a bizarre send off
  • Posing embalmed bodies at wakes  and funerals is fairly common in Puerto Rico                                                                          

A murder victim’s body was propped up at a table to make him appear like he was playing dominoes during a vigil before his own funeral.

In her October 19, 2015 report on Mirror Online, Ruth Halkon said the mother of Jomar Aguayo wanted to give her son a decent send off by allowing her dead son to play his last game of dominoes and drink at a bar owned by the family.

During the bizarre wake, Jomar’s embalmed body, dressed in blue tracksuit with his head bowed, was seen sitting at a table in one corner of the bar seemingly in deep thought as he plans his next move in the domino game as his friends and family party around him. His friends took turn in sitting on chairs around him as dance music blared from the jukebox.

According to a report by Primera Hora, Jomar was killed during a shootout at a bar in Rio Piedras in Puerto Rico on October 11; a few days before his 23rd birthday.  Two of his friends were also killed in the incident which police said could be drugs-related.

Posing dead bodies in wakes and funerals is not new to Puerto Rico, where coffins seems to have become optional.

Funeraria Marin, the funeral parlor that propped up Jomar at a table playing dominoes, is known in Puerto Rico for its out of the ordinary way of embalming and preparing bodies for the vigil. Jomar’s is not the first exotic wake done by the funeral parlor. The company also posed a dead boxer to look like he was gearing for his last fight. Another corpse, who was a big motorcycle aficionado, was propped up riding his favorite motor bike.