Kim Jong-un says North Korea ready to fight war waged by United States

  • North Korean leader said his country is ready to fight any war waged by the United States
  • North Korea displayed its military might in a parade aimed at boosting its national prestige
  • The United States called on North Korea to refrain from provocative behavior

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said in a forceful speech on Saturday, October 10, that his country is ready to fight any kind of war waged by the United States.

Kim Jong-un made his remarks during the 70th founding anniversary of the country’s ruling Workers Party at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang; where thousands of soldiers marched in tight formation in a military parade. The weaponry and equipment of the country was paraded in front of him.

The parade is seen as aimed at boosting the country’s national prestige by displaying its military might.

Kim Jong-un called on the public to unite under the Workers Party, which he said is responsible for the lives of North Koreans.

“Our party dauntlessly declares that our revolutionary armed forces are capable of fighting any kind of war provoked by the US and we are ready to protect our people and the blue sky of our motherland,” he said.

Liu Yunshan, the 5th highest-ranking official in the Chinese Communist Party, was seen standing beside the North Korean leader on the balcony overlooking Kim Il Sung Square to watch the parade. China is North Korea’s chief ally and its main trading partner, according to James Pearson’s October 10, 2015 report on Reuters.

Meanwhile, the White House, which is monitoring the situation in North Korea, called on Pyongyang to refrain from provocative behavior.

Using South Korea’s official name, Pentagon spokesman Commander Bill Urban said “We are in close contact with our Republic of Korea allies and remain committed to the defense of the ROK. Recent provocative statements heighten tensions, and we call on Pyongyang to refrain from actions and rhetoric that threaten regional peace and security.”

Source :

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