#LindolHugot: Twitter users connect earthquake to love

Photo credit: @OverheardAtUP
  • A magnitude 5.4 earthquake shook Occidental Mindoro on October 19
  • The quake was also felt in several parts of the country like Tagaytay, Mandaluyong, Makati
  • Twitter users, however, connected the incident to love via hashtag #LindolHugot

Even amid the shock and fear brought about by the earthquake on the night of October 19, Twitter users still found a way to express emotions; love in particular, using the hashtag #LindolHugot.

Photo credit: @iimhaspilim
Photo credit: @iimhaspilim

According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), a magnitude 5.4 earthquake took place in Occidental Mindoro. It was also felt in  other parts of the country including Batangas City, Tagaytay City, Oriental Mindoro, Mandaluyong City, Makati City, Pasay City, Pampanga, General Trias, Cavite, Malolos, Bulacan, Bacoor, Cavite, Obando, Bulacan, and Pateros.

Despite the fear over the tremors felt by citizens, some still managed to take the situation in a lighter mode — on Twitter, with #LindolHugot lines.

Filipino sense of humor?

Filipinos are known for their sense of humor, and perhaps much of it has added to the people’s resilience — to bounce back after a disaster?

One user wrote about what people should do during an earthquake.

“Ano gagawin mo kapag lumindol? Simple lang. Una, maghanap ka ng safe na lugar na mapagtataguan katulad ng paghahanap mo ng ibang babae. Hindi ka kasi marunong makuntento sa kanya,” user @iimhaspilim began her note.

[What will you do during an earthquake? Simple. First, find a safe place where you can hide just like how you look for other women. ‘Cause you just can’t be contented with one.]

Other tweets about the earthquake likewise dwelt on its similarities and differences with love:

“Pati ba naman lindol, pinilit na ikonekta sa pag-ibig. Hindi kayo maliligtas ng mga hugot niyo sa oras ng sakuna. Parang pag-ibig” – @Watdahel_Marcel

 [Even earthquakes got linked to love. That won’t save you in times of disaster. Just like love]

“Lumindol daw. Di mo naramdaman noh? Manhid ka kasi kaya kahit lindol hindi mo naramdaman. #LindolHugot  ” – @kmclgnxx

[That was a tremor.  You did not feel it?  ‘Cause you’ve got no feelings, that’s why]

“‘Yung lindol parang ex ko… hindi ko na nga pinapansin, nagpaparamdam pa din #LindolHugot ” – @PatamaPost

[The earthquake was like my ex… whom I’ve chosen to ignore, but he made his presence felt]

“Pag-ibig ko nga para sa ‘yo hindi mo nararamdaman, lindol pa kaya #LindolHugot ?” – @HugotNiHeneral

[You didn’t feel my love for you, so how could you have felt the tremors?]

“You rock my world… Literally.” #LindolHugot – @_puranzufries

“Ang pag-ibig mo ay parang lindol. Panandalian lamang ngunit umiwan ng malaking marka. Sinira mo ako. #LindolHugot ” – AiDuNtKnow

[Your love is like an earthquake. It did not last long but left a big mark. You wrecked me.)