Man returns iPhone he found in toilet; leaves a video message for owner

  • Man finds an iPhone inside a toilet in a pub and returns it to owner
  • Man leaves a video message to owner before giving it to a bar staff
  • Video clip has gone viral

A man found a phone inside the toilet of a pub and returned it to the owner — but he first left a video message for the owner.

In an article written by Kelly-Ann Mills of Mirror, it was disclosed that the video, which has gone viral,  was uploaded online. The man decided to first make a video message to the phone’s owner before handing it to a bar staff.

“Hey mate, I found your phone in the sh*****,” he said in front of the camera, before he introduced all of his friends.

“We stole your phone, so what’s up? Alright mate, I will hand your phone into the bar now. Hopefully you will get it back. We found it in the toilet. It has a green cover, it’s an iPhone so its all good. My name is Jason Zaddow, nice to meet you, whoever you are. About to hand it over, see you later,” he added before giving the phone to the staff.

The video, which was recorded in St John’s Craft beer bar in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, has garnered almost a million views as of posting. To note, it was uploaded by the phone owner’s boyfriend with caption: “Faith in humanity restored.”

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that someone who found a phone left a message for the owner. Earlier, a group of girls had been part of some news after they decided to leave a funny video message for the man who owns the phone that they found in a Chinese takeaway store.

“I found yer phone and it’s in the Chinese place, where you aren’t,” they said.

While the girl holding the camera ended the short clip by speaking in a strong Welsh accent: “So mate, I’ve found your phone, and I’ve left it behind reception. Love you.”

Click the image to view the video.
Click the image to view the video.