Palace wants Roxas and Duterte to be friends again so mayor can endorse him

Photo Credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer
  • Lacierda: Their continuing friendship will blossom into an endorsement
  • He added Roxas texted Duterte and they may meet anytime soon
  • Duterte says he will forgive Roxas only if he reins in LP’s propaganda machine

MANILA, Philippines – Commenting on the rift between Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer Mar Roxas and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte after the latter accused the former of spreading rumors he had cancer, presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said he hopes the two will be able to patch up their differences soon.

“More than anything, they have been friends,” he told the Philippine Star. “So certainly, you would like to make sure that friendship continues and how that friendship will blossom into an endorsement of Mayor Duterte to (sic) Secretary Mar Roxas.”

“We have seen that in 2010 when he endorsed then Sen. Noynoy Aquino and Sen. Mar Roxas,” he added. “We certainly hope that Mayor Duterte and former Secretary Mar Roxas would rekindle their friendship or clear the air between the two of them.

Lacierda also pointed out Roxas had texted Duterte and the two might meet anytime soon.

“Secretary Mar Roxas has texted Mayor Duterte about it and really saying (sic) he had nothing to do with that,” he stressed.

Roxas earlier denied having a hand in spreading rumors that Duterte was suffering from throat cancer.

Duterte to Forgive Roxas But….

For his part, Duterte said he was open to turning the other cheek with Roxas who he believes had nothing to do with the black propaganda.

However, the former Interior Secretary should put LP’s PR men under his control first.

“I can forgive that, but the Liberal Party now, they have quite a propaganda machine. Look at what they did to Binay,” he said. “They were starting with me because they thought I would be running for president.”

“Look, personally, he did not know of that, but every organization has a media pool,” he added. “Even the Armed Forces has a media pool. This guy has been going around as his publicist, that’s the problem. When you cannot control your men, you dish out propaganda,” he added, referring to journalist Philip Lustre who earlier wrote about his alleged illness.

LP spokesperson Ibarra Gutierrez III denied Lustre was connected to their camp in any way.