‘PetMate’ – mobile app that allows pet owners to book rides for their dogs or cats

Photo Credit: PetMate
  • ‘PetMate’ is a mobile app that provides transportation services to pets
  • The service is currently being offered in Singapore
  • The drivers are carefully screened to guarantee customer satisfaction 

Not all pet owners have the privilege of having a car ready when they need to go to a place with either their canine or feline buddies. There are times when taking a cab is the only option left, and yet not all cab drivers are willing to allow animals inside their vehicle.

Photo Credit: lightupyourliferun.com

So, ‘PetMate’, a service that is now being offered in Singapore, solves this dilemma by essentially being the ‘Uber’ version for dogs and cats.

It is a mobile application (app) that can be availed by following four easy steps.

First, the owner needs to download the app either via the Apple Store for smartphone users or Google Play for android users.

Once the app has been downloaded successfully, a specific location where the pet needs to be picked up and dropped off have to be indicated.

After the starting point and desired destination have been provided, the owner has to provide a mode of payment, which can be through credit card or Paypal. The ride costs $27 for a single trip and goes up to $70 depending on the distance.

Lastly, the app will match the ride request with a driver, who will then show up at the designated place and time.

In a Straits Times article by Adrian Lim, there are reportedly a total of 300 drivers who signed up to be a part of the company.

Maarten Hemmes, who is the man behind the now on-demand app, shared, “We thought – if we can find a group of drivers who have pets themselves and are enthusiastic about dealing with animals, why not let them function as drivers?”

The same report also noted that these drivers have been carefully screened and have undergone an hour-long orientation in order to make sure that they are familiar with the whole pet experience.