VIRAL: Photos of Binay family used as Halloween decorations

Photo Credit: Coconuts Manila
  • Faces of Jejomar, Junjun, and Nancy Binay used as decor in an office
  • The scary thought of VP winning 2016 elections served as the posters’ inspiration
  • Binays are frequently the target of memes on social media

MANILA, Philippines – Would you use them as Halloween decorations?

According to a report by Coconuts Manila, one office had the novel idea of using life-size facial pictures of Vice President Jejomar Binay, his  two children ex-Makati Mayor Junjun and Senator Nancy as the centerpiece of their Halloween decor.

As can be seen in the picture which has gone viral on social media, the Binay photos were placed on cobwebs and surrounded with both bats and spiders.

While the people who came up with the idea have chosen to remain anonymous, they did say they were inspired by the scary thought of Vice President Binay winning the 2016 elections.

“The thought of VP Binay winning the presidential election is scary and this became our inspiratin,” they said. “If he wins, he will surely be worse than a vampire sucking the blood of Filipinos.”

Binay is running for president under the auspices of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA). The main opponents facing him are Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer Mar Roxas, and Senators Miriam Defensor Santiago and Grace Poe.

However, Binay’s presidential bid has been marred by accusations of corruption during his time as mayor of Makati. He is currently facing several charges of graft and plunder before the Ombudsman.

The allegations have made the Binay family the butt of jokes on social media; earning the Vice President the moniker of “nognog” (a comic strip character who’s short and dark-skinned).

In an earlier interview, however, his daughter Makati Rep. Abigail Binay — who wore a t-shirt with the tag “nognog” on it — said her father did not mind the name-calling because he knows it won’t erase his achievements.