Recto proposes to Malacañang “to plant” presidential action and complaint desk in NAIA

  • Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto proposes to Malacañang  “to plant” a presidential action and complaint desk at NAIA
  • Recto identifies Presidential Action Center  to establish a detachment at NAIA and other international airports
  • Malacanang’s detachment  in NAIA can reassure OFWs and travelers they have their backs

Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto proposed to Malacañang  “to plant” a presidential action and complaint desk at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

In a report published for InterAksyon, it was stated that the presidential action and complaint desk will serve as a one-stop, on-the-spot troubleshooting center for overseas Filipino workers and other travelers, who need help, after experiencing some problems inside the airport premises.

Explaining more on his proposal Recto said, “It can also serve as a place where travelers can lodge complaints for bad service and recommend commendations for good one.”

The proposal came after the issue on the alleged planting of ammunition in the luggage of OFWs and other passengers as to extort money.

Having an optimistic point of view Recto said, “this is what’s best to plant in NAIA now, an agency from the highest office in the country which will receive complaints and commendations on the services rendered.”

Recto also identified the Presidential Action Center (PACE) which can establish a detachment on airports in the Philippines.

Apparently, PACE is describe as the best position to serve as the command center for requests for assistance and grievances of the general public being under the wing of the Office of the President with it claims as the “key frontline team that can effectively bridge and ensure delivery of services to the general public.”

Describing the possible set up of the troubleshooting center Recto added, ” The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) should join the PACE-run airport kiosk. The idea is to pool together all agencies which have something to do with OFWs and travel.”

Moreover, the  desk can serve as a “deterrent to the commission of scams and a reminder to render excellent service,” as Recto emphasized, as he even gave a name on it as a mini-national government center in NAIA.

As to the funding on the operations of the desk, Recto suggested that the income of the Manila International Airport Authority can be utilized should it be operational this year since two year ago it has already grossed to P 8.7 billion a year and a net profit before tax of P3.9 billion.

He also suggested that it can also be accommodated in the P2.8 billion proposed budget of the Office of the President for 2016 or the proposed P4 billion Contingent Fund.

The creation of the help desk in NAIA or any other international airports in the country can mean as a reassurance to the OFWs that someone will help them in times of need.