Ronda Rousey sportingly shows quirky side

  • MMA Champion Ronda Rousey shows quirkiness by wearing a Pikachu costume in a workout
  • She says she’s obsessed with Pokemon from its trading cards to video games
  • She admits having a crush on Dragon Ball Z character, Vegeta
  • She wants to act as Miss Marvel in a movie  

She may be dubbed as “The Most Dominant Athlete Alive” but Ronda Rousey has, surprisingly, an adorable quirky side. On a video released by SportsCenter, Rousey was seen training in the gym wearing a Pikachu costume – a proof that she is one strong woman in loved with anime.

In a YouTube video released by MMA Fighting on SBN, Rousey revealed her obsession over Pokémon since she was a little girl; starting with collecting Pokémon trading cards and playing Pokémon video game. She shared how she lost weight because she would not eat for playing Pokémon games.

The 28-year-old champ gamely said her favorite Pokémon is Mew; the originator of all other Pokémon. She even got a Mew certificate of authenticity from a Pokémon event which she put up on her wall.

Aside from obsessing with Pokémon, Rousey shared her addiction to Vegeta, one of the characters in the anime Dragon Ball Z. Rousey admitted, in a YouTube video by Fighthub TV, that she has a cartoon crush on Vegeta. She even wore a Vegeta shirt in a wrestle mania event.

Aside from being hooked up with Pokémon and Vegeta, she admitted to wanting to act as Miss Marvel in a movie if given a chance. In an Inquirer article written by AJT Santos, Rousey plays World of Warcraft as a Night Elf and dresses up as Sailor Moon, a Ninja Turtle, and Son Goku.

Rousey is regarded as the best player in the world with the record of 12-0 and an ability to dispatch opponents in mere seconds. In Bailey Brautigan’s article published in Forbes, the undefeated bantamweight champion’s total earnings amount to $6.5 million where $3 million came from salary and earnings while $3.5 million came from endorsements from different ventures including Metro PCS, Reebok, Monster headphones, Carl’s Jr., three movies, magazine covers, and best-selling books.

 Rousey as Pikachu:

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