Tab Baldwin calls Gilas coaching stint his dream job, place where he belongs

Photo Credit: Sun Star
  • American describes Filipinos as people who love basketball as much as he does
  • He hopes to be part of Gilas’ future plans
  • He is also confident his team will be up and running again after heartbreaking loss

MANILA, Philippines – Although he has been with Gilas Pilipinas for less than a year, coach Tab Baldwin feels like he’s found the place where he truly belongs.

After steering the country to a second-place finish in the recently-concluded 2015 FIBA Asia Championship, Baldwin admitted he has come to love his rag-tag crew made up mostly of professional players from the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

“It’s confirmed, this is my dream job,” he told InterAksyon.

Elaborating further, Baldwin said he was left awe-struck at the passion for basketball displayed by his players and Filipinos in general.

“Working for the Filipino people, I finally found people that love the game as much as I do and it’s very evident to me,” he said. “And honestly I didn’t think that I would ever find that but I found it en masse.”

“I’ve got some real competition in terms of loving the game of basketball,” he added. “And I fit. I fit here, I think.”

Wants to Stay with Gilas

While there is still no concrete plan as to Gilas’ next move, Baldwin said he very much wants to remain part of the team.

“The next steps are to sit down with the powers that be and make decisions about what direction we’re going to go, what we’re going to do, who we’re going to do it with and, God-willing, I’ll be involved,” he said.

However, Baldwin also acknowledged he has a lot of work to do in order to stay with the team.

“I know I have to perform in that job,” he said. “I’ll be determined to do that and hopefully the conditions in which I work with the guys that I work with will be the optimal conditions.”