UN: ISIS paying new recruits up to $10,000 each upfront

Photo Credit: The Guardian
  • $10,000 is a “walk-in” bonus for new jihadists
  • Islamic State is utilizing social media and word-of-mouth for recruitment drive
  • Recruiters also being paid via referral system

Jobless and willing to risk your neck for $10,000?

According to Elzbieta Karska, chair of the United Nations (UN) working group on Mercenaries under the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR), the Islamic State has been actively recruiting new recruits for up to $10,000 each to bolster its ranks in Syria and Iraq.

“We have heard about situations where recruiters were paid from two, three thousand to 10,000 dollars depending on who was recruited,” InterAksyon quoted her as saying.

Quoting her sources in Belgium where the foreign militants’ recruitment activities are currently being monitored, Karska added those with a higher education and skill set are paid more for their services.

“If somebody was well-educated like computer specialists or doctors, they were paid more,” she said.

ISIS Recruiting, MLM-Style

Noting that the group Sharia4Belgium—the most active of Isis’ recruiters in Belgium—had been broken up last year, Karska said militants are now utilizing non-traditional forms of recruitment via word-of-mouth and social media.

“In the last year, the key method of recruitment is reportedly though informal networks of friends and family, and through social media,” she said.

Karska added recruiters are also being paid handsomely by ISIS for their referrals.

“A significant degree of recruitment currently occurs through friends and family in Syria, who are also paid on the basis of the number of persons they recruit and on whether the recruits subsequently marry,” she said.

Aside from males, many young girls and women are also being recruited to either fight or marry jihadists.

ISIS, which is fighting for an Islamic caliphate, currently controls large swathes of Iraq and Syria and has been noted for its extreme brutality.