Viva issues statement over issue of promoter using “JaDine” in Bohol concert

  • Concert promoter in Bohol uses ‘JaDine’ to attract fans
  • Viva Artists Agency, Inc. says there’s no negotiation between them and the promoter
  • The agency takes legal actions because of the misrepresentation done to ‘JaDine’

MANILA, Philippines – The loveteam of James Reid and Nadine Lustre is undoubtedly one of the popular team-ups in local entertainment nowadays.

It is because of their popularity that a concert promoter in Bohol allegedly used their names to sell tickets for a supposed concert billed as ‘The Big Event featuring James Reid and Nadine Lustre’, last Friday, October 23 at Bohol Wisdom Gym.

Loyal ‘JaDine’ fans waited for hours, but Reid and Lustre did not show up.

A  video of a representative of Vantage International Bohol, the show’s promoter, explaining to the fans that the two lead stars of “On The Wings of Love” got caught up with their taping and they were not able to catch the flight to Bohol, was uploaded on Youtube.

The representative added that in lieu of the postponed concert, Vantage International committed that all ticketholders will be allowed to attend a  fans’ day with Reid and Lustre.

The issue reached Viva Artists Agency, Inc. (‘VAA’) and they clarified on Instagram that there was no negotiation that happened between them and Vantage International Bohol.

VAA also emphasized that they have already taken legal actions because of the misrepresentation done to ‘JaDine’.

The agency’s official statement reads: “A concert billed as ‘The Big Event featuring James Reid and Nadine Lustre’ was held in Bohol Wisdom Gym last October 23, 2015 (the ‘Event’).

“The promoter, Vantage International Bohol (‘Vantage’), offered excuses to the concertgoers about James and Nadine’s absence at the event.

“In lieu of the concert, Vantage committed that all ticketholders will be allowed to attend a three (3) hours fans’ day with James and Nadine, wherein fans will be allowed to take pictures and secure autographs of the artists.

“For the record, Viva Artists Agency, Inc. (‘VAA’), as the exclusive agent and manager of James and Nadine, has not heard of and has never dealt with Vantage International Bohol.

“VAA has not entered into any contract or agreement with Vantage for any appearance or performance of our artists for any event.

“Any claims made by Vantage pertaining to any association with VAA, James or Nadine have no factual basis.

“There is no truth to Vantage’s representation to the public—no booking was ever made for James Reid and Nadine Lustre to appear in the Event, neither is there any booking made by Vantage for a supposed three (3)-hour fans’ day with James and Nadine.

“James and Nadine deeply appreciate the love and support shown by their fans in all their endeavours, including concerts. It is disappointing that their names and popularity were taken advantage of at the expense of their Boholano fans.

“VAA has taken legal steps to address the misrepresentation committed against the public.”

This is the video of the Vantage International representative explaining to the Boholano fans of ‘JaDine” why the two stars were not able to make it to the concert.