VIDEO: Watch how Americans react to AlDub love team

  • Americans react to AlDub love team
  • All of them have no idea what AlDub is
  • After watching the duo’s team, everyone gave a positive review/reaction

The AlDub love team has captured the world. This is proven by the number of people (not from the Philippines) who express great interests on the phenomenal duo of Philippine television.

Consider this video which showed some Americans saying their opinion and reactions on what they think on the famous couple. News and lifestyle website BuzzFeed uploaded a the video which has gained five-digit views on YouTube as of this writing.

In an article written by Raffy Cabristante which was published by GMA News on October 31, it disclosed that the Americans whom BuzzFeed invited to share their thoughts regarding the phenomenal love team had totally no idea about the tandem at first.

Some of them thought AlDub is a gasoline station or a cute dolphin (as one stated). But when the first Kalyeserye episode was shown to them, a lot of the reactions turned out to be positive with one woman saying :”He’s totally hot,” which pertains to Alden Richards.

Another American mused: “This show is totally electric. I don’t know what the (expletive) is going on, but it’s just like a whirlwind of fun (expletive).”

Furthermore, the same man added, “Say goodbye to your ‘Desperate Housewives,’ your ‘Parks and Recreation,’ throw that (expletive) out. Eat Bulaga is coming to the States.”

Recently, the AlDub love team was cited by Twitter as a “global phenomenon” after it broke social media records with 41 million tweets.

Based on reports, other regular hashtags related to the show (Kalyeserye, in particular), regularly draw millions of tweets.

No less than the website of the international news company British Broadcasting Company (BBC) featured the tandem with the headline that reads, “AlDub: A social media phenomenon about love and lip-synching.”

In reaction, BBC Filipino presenter Rico Hizon said that the success of the AlDUb love team can be attributed to their humility.

“They appear very down-to-earth,” he said. “I believe that one big reason they are so popular is because the actors are very humble despite their massive success. They keep thanking fans as well as everyone who supports their work,” he disclosed.

Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub was likewise dubbed “the third fastest-rising growing celebrity on Twitter, after US singers Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.”

Here’s the video: