Watch: This adorable baby knows no greater sadness than “the end” of a book

  • An adorable toddler shows his fascination with books at an early age
  • He cries every time a story told by his mom reaches its end
  • The video has gone viral, reaching more than 5.3 million views

He knows no greater sadness than the end of a book. That is so obvious.

While parents worry over how to lure their children into reading, this mom here certainly looks like she won’t be having any problem on that aspect of learning.

Mommy Alicia has this adorable baby called Emmet who simply can’t get enough of books it seems. He glows all over while his mother reads to him as he looks at the pages of the book. It’s like he’s savoring each word — with enjoyment written all over his face. Sheer pleasure.

However, when his mom reaches the end of the story and he hears ‘The End” as his mother closes the book, he goes all teary, with frustration so evident on his face.

He goes on to grab the book while he cries in desperation — to bring the message across that he still wants more stories.

And the message for parents? Well, reading-wise, start your kids young. Books will remain to be treasures despite the advent of technology.

And just how sad is Baby Emmet, the bookworm?  You’ve got to see for yourself.