Binoe very happy at Digong’s decision to run, says it was his birthday wish

  • Robin Padilla is glad Rodrigo Duterte decided to run for president
  • He says it was his wish for his birthday
  • He also defends nephew Daniel’s choice of endorsement, tells him to be careful though

MANILA, Philippines – It must’ve been a very happy birthday for Robin Padilla; with Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte finally deciding to run for president and all.

The actor — who celebrated his birthday on November 23 — told Rappler he is very glad Duterte decided to join the presidential race.

“That was my birthday wish,” he said. “Mariel threw a party and there was a cake, and she asked me what my birthday wish was. I said, I hope Duterte runs and becomes president of this country.”

“For me, we need a strong president,” he continued. “[As proof of Duterte’s ability], we have Davao City. If he can clean up and govern such a big place, then he can do it throughout the Philippines.”

Padilla, a known supporter of the tough-talking mayor, however, said, every Filipino should help Duterte out once he becomes president.

“If we want change, we should start with ourselves,” he said. “Change cannot start from the leader, it should begin with every Filipino.”

Nephew is Old Enough to Make His Own Choices

At the same time, Padilla also defended his nephew teen actor Daniel’s choice to endorse Mar Roxas.

“DJ (Daniel’s nickname) is old enough,” he said. “He’ll make his own decisions. Whatever decision he makes, [if] that’s what he believes in, he should do it. This is a free country. We have our own opinions.”

However, Padilla also cautioned his nephew to be on guard since he is entering the world of politics with his endorsement of Roxas.

“For me, what my nephew should remember is this is politics,” he stressed. “And we should learn from what happened, and from the elders. It happened to me, I endorsed someone, we were sent to jail because politics got mixed with showbiz. That’s why Daniel should be extra careful with this endorsement.”

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Rappler, PEP