Running, finally: Davao City happy at Duterte’s change of heart

Photo Credit: Primy Cane/ABS-CBN
  • Duterte’s bulwark jubilant over mayor’s decision to run
  • Supporters and rivals alike support his bid, says country needs someone like him
  • Spokesman says they are prepared to fend off attempts to block his substitution

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Joy and gladness became the overwhelming emotion in Davao City following its tough-talking mayor’s announcement of his presidential bid over the weekend.

Reacting to Rodrigo Duterte’s statement, Davao City Rep. Karlo Alexie Nograles — son of the mayor’s political rival former House Speaker Prospero Nograles — said it’s about time as the country sorely needs a tough leader who can deliver results.

“I am one with the people of Davao and the entire nation in supporting Mayor Rody Duterte President,” the Manila Bulletin quoted him as saying. “In times like these where peace and order is sorely lacking in the country and we are facing terrorism within and outside our shores, where injustice prevails and the rule of law is set aside at the whims and caprices of the powerful, we need a leader who is decisive, not teka-teka, who wields an iron fist against transgressors of the law, but care for the downtrodden and the victims, who is swift to act and is result-oriented, one who comes from the Filipino masses and whose heart belongs to them.”

Musicians and Artists for Duterte (MAD) officer and local artist Popong Landero took the news happily as well.

“Now we can see clear hope for a real change in government and the future of [our] children, and the next generation will see a better Philippines,” he said.

Duterte’s spokesman Peter Lavina also revealed how many of Duterte’s supporters not only in Davao but in Mindanao reacted positively to his announcement — with some of them even shedding tears of joy.

“All he needs to do now is to sign his Certificate of Nomination and Acceptance (CONA) and personally appear at COMELEC as a substitute of Martin Diño,” Lavina said; adding that they are also preparing themselves to fend off attempts by Duterte’s opponents to block his substitution.