Japanese ‘kotatsu’ – a blanket-covered heated table that’s built in to a sofa bed

Photo Credit: Superstar Lifestyle
  • Japanese ‘kotatsu’ offers a sofa bed attached to a table with a heat source underneath the blanket
  • Japanese households traditionally cozy up to it during the cold season
  • The unique product is being sold by Japanese retailer Belle Maison with prices starting at $125

The land of eccentric inventions strikes again by coming up with a furniture that provides the ultimate couch potato experience.

Photo Credit: Tree Hugger

The Japanese “kotatsu” appears to be the supreme definition of comfort and relaxation. It consists of a heated table that is all wrapped up in a thick blanket, which is spread across a wide sofa bed.

While the notion of “kotatsu” is not new with the traditional version using burning charcoal as the source of heat, the new product still features the same kind of soothing function but just with a more advanced electric heater.

Usually, Japanese homes utilize “kotatsu” during the cooler times of the year. They gather around it while eating, drinking hot beverages, chatting, reading a book, napping, or any other form of restful activities.

Also, in a Tree Hugger article written by Martin Frid, investing on a “kotatsu” apparently pays off. Frid claims that the unique creation saves electric consumption, hence, lowering heating bills. Instead of installing a centralized heating system that can warm up the entire house, consumer may opt to purchase a “kotatsu” for lesser expenses.

Further, as stated by a Nippon staff in an article posted on its website, the “kotatsu” will remain as an integral part of the Japanese culture come winter season. Although its popularity declined with the rise of built-in floor heating and other forms of heating systems, the same report said that efforts calling to save the country’s energy supply brought the spotlight back to “kotatsu”.

Japanese retailer Belle Maison sells the product, which comes in different sizes and designs, with prices starting at $125.