From the plausible to the puzzling: ‘Laglag-bala’ cases spawning conspiracy theories

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  • Spate of bullet-planting incidents have spurred several conspiracy theories
  • Some of them are plausible, the rest are just bizarre
  • The theories have sparked heated debate in the online community

MANILA, Philippines – As with all conspiracy theories, the main question is: who benefits?

Ever since the controversial ‘laglag-bala’ cases broke out in the media and the government receiving flak for its perceived slow response, speculations have been running abuzz as to who could be behind the scheme.

While majority of Filipinos arguably believe that there really is a syndicate behind the scheme, some have also put in their own theories as to who could be the actual mastermind pulling the strings.

And as always, the theories have ranged from the plausible to the puzzling.

Some, like administration supporter Cynthia Patag, believe that the opposition is behind the scheme to discredit the government and make both President Benigno Aquino III and Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer Mar Roxas lose face in the upcoming 2016 elections.

In fact, a screenshot in WhenInManila shows her telling the brother of a passenger who was apprehended for a bullet in her luggage that the scheme is none other than a “demolition job by the malevolent minions” of the opposition.

Other well-known personalities like Carlos Celdran have been more reserved and skeptical.

“Now my bells are really going off about this ‘laglag-bala’ issue,” read his November 1 Facebook post. “The crooks can’t be this stupid or brazen.  Some dog is being wagged here methinks… Wonder why this is all happening… and why now?”

Gov’t, INC…Plastic Wrap Manufacturers?

Over on Reddit, many have also shared their view as to who the mastermind could be.

According to one, the Aquino government may in fact be getting funds for the elections, or it could just be staging the incidents to let Roxas “solve” them and earn brownie points with the public.

Another posited the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) might also have a hand in the cases so as to divert public attention away from its own ongoing crisis.

Finally, there’s also the bizarre theory that plastic wrap manufacturers are the ones staging the incidents in order to generate business.

NAIA has been offering plastic wrapping services for its passengers for P160 per luggage since the scandal broke out.