‘Longboardstroller’ – a stroller attached to a skateboard

Photo Credit: Fatherly
  • After two years of design development, the ‘longboardstroller’ is now being sold
  • The product has gone viral long before it was made available in the market
  • Due to safety standards, it can only be purchased in Europe

Taking a baby or a young kid for a stroll tend to be a lackluster task for parents or other supervising adults. However, a new invention seeks to bring back the joy in walking not just for the little ones but also for the grown-ups.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail UK

Quinny, an international design company of strollers, in coordination with Studio Peter Van Riet, worked for two years developing a product that they eventually called ‘longboardstroller’.

A longboardstroller is a unique contraption that attaches a stroller to a skateboard, hence the name. Children within the range of nine months to four and a half years can hop on the stroller while their moms, dads, or sitters propel the buggy along while standing on the skateboard.

For safety reasons and easier maneuvering, hand brakes and handle bars have been included. In addition, although there are bumper bars that tightly secure the child’s position, helmets are still highly encouraged.

In Daily Mail UK report by Deni Kirkova, the owner of Studio Peter Van Riet shared that one of the main points of the design is upholding the cause for environment-friendly practices, saying, “To make the prototype we used part of an existing stroller and had a longboard made out of wood and fibreglass to make it stronger.”

In the Studio Peter Van Riet website, it has also been noted that the social media campaign, which jump started long before the final version of the product was produced, helped make the product become a viral hit. Several people uploaded movies showing the prototype using different forms of online and traditional media.

However, due to varied safety regulations around the globe, the longboardstroller has only been approved to be sold in Europe. Interested buyers can only purchase it in Europe for 599 euros each.