OFW victimized by ‘laglag-bala’ modus offered old job back by employer

Photo Credit: Susan Ople
  • Employer of ‘Nanay Gloria’ Ortinez offers her a new contract
  • Susan Ople described their reunion as ‘bitter and tearful’
  • OFW was yaya to employer’s child for over 12 years

MANILA, Philippines – With everything she’s been through, Gloria Ortinez deserves a break.

And a break she got after her employer offered the overseas Filipino worker (OFW) her old job back following an emotional reunion in Hong Kong.

“Mission accomplished!” wrote OFW advocate Susan Ople on her Facebook page. “After a tearful, bitter parting of ways last night that even required the presence of HK police, Nanay Glo met with her employer again this morning. They agreed on a settlement that includes a prospect of a new contract once Nanay Glo is prepared to come back. We will monitor this agreement. Meanwhile, we await the results of the NBI tanim-bala probe.”

Elaborating on what happened, Ortinez’s counsel Atty. Spocky Farolan said she was initially given the cold shoulder treatment by her employer on Sunday as she arrived to collect her belongings and say goodbye to her boss’ child whom she cared for over 12 years as a nanny.

“It was very dramatic and emotional yesterday,” he told ABS-CBN.  “She was not invited to come inside the house, and her things were just placed on the side of the street.”

Farolan added Ortinez and her employer’s first conversation which took place at a park nearby also did not end well.

“The employer was agitated, maybe also because of the ‘laglag-bala’ issue,” he pointed out.

On Monday, however, Ortinez’s employer called her up and admitted to being sad over her departure. They met at a restaurant where Ortinez was offered her job back, Farolan narrated.

Ortinez, whose luggage yielded a bullet last October 25, had her case of illegal possession of ammunition earlier thrown out for lack of probable cause.