Pizza shop invites those “hungry or don’t have any money” on Thanksgiving celebration

Photo Credit: The Telegraph
  • A pizza shop in Springfield, Ohio is being praised by online users for their kind act
  • The restaurant invited everyone who will be alone on Thanksgiving to join them
  • Their invitation was posted online and viewed by millions 

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio – Thanksgiving is America’s biggest family holiday, and a pizza restaurant is now being lauded by the online community after it offered free food and company to those left on their own during the occasion.

An article by Kirstie McCrum for The Mirror published on November 25 said that Bada Bing Pizzeria located in Springfield, Ohio posted a sign on their window offering a home-cooked meal and company to those who will be alone on a family occasion.

Reddit user Folghammer shared the sign in the site and it was viewed by more than 2.5 million users; receiving positive feedback from the online community.

“We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. However we will be having dinner here around 2pm with our family, employees and friends,” the sign reads.

“If you are hungry or don’t have any money, please come in. We will welcome you and make sure you get plenty to eat,” the heartwarming sign added.

An article by Mark Molloy for The Telegraph published on November 25 said that Thanksgiving is one of the biggest national holidays in America that centers on a massive banquet, featuring festive turkey, on the last Thursday of November.

Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

And as for those who didn’t have anyone to spend it with, the pizza shop was the answer. Reddit users revealed that this is the eighth year that the Bada Bing Pizzeria made this kind of offer.

Online users show their appreciation for the restaurant’s kind act.

“This is how you show class! That other businesses’ sign would be fine if it didn’t come off as arrogant with the ‘LEAVE’ so boldly prominent. I’ve never had Bada Bing, but I’m from Springfield and still visit family there, so I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for making your customers feel welcome,” said Facebook user K. Fradd.

Facebok user J. Taylor also said, “Now here’s the way to do a sign on your business door. Welcoming instead of divisive. About community instead of self. Focused on genuine need instead of manufactured conflict.”

Other online users said they will be visiting the shop; thanks to their heartwarming ad.

“You guys rock! We don’t get to Springfield often, but next time we do come out that way…we want to eat at Bada Bing! Pizzeria!!” said Facebook user L.P. Cosgrove.

Facebook user G. Boyer said, “I live [with] this family owned business. I’m aware of your struggles you had earlier in the year. And it’s acts like this why your business is blessed. Keep it up. Springfield needs more of this.”