‘Rekonect’ – first notebook with magnetic spine that removes and reattaches pages

Photo Credit: Visual News
  • ‘Rekonect’ notebook is the first and only of its kind that features a magnetic spine
  • It comes with removable and reattachable pages and an automatic pen holder
  • The product is currently on “Kickstarter” to raise funds for production costs

Note-taking has just reached a unique kind of high, and traditional office binding may have just met its new rival with the launch of the ‘Rekonect’ notebook.

Photo Credit: Kickstarter

Rekonect is the very first notebook to feature a magnetic spine, which allows pages to be easily removed and reattached.

With “a hard cover made of high quality black faux leather”, the creators boast that the unique invention only “gets better with age”.

The innovators also noted, “We didn’t forget about the lefties out there. These pages allow you to write easily on any surface without the hassle of book bindings.”

In addition, an automatic pen holder comes with the package. Interested buyers can also choose from four different paper designs, which are blank, dotted, graph, and line.

In order to gather funding to cover the production costs, the designers posted on a creative funding platform, known as Kickstarter. As of posting, 1,951 backers have pledged their support. The original goal of $75,000 have been exceeded and has now reached $119,995.

Each piece of Rekonect notebook is currently priced at $39. An extra half packet of paper, which is composed of 120 pages or 60 sheets, is worth $4. A full packet of paper made up of 240 pages or 120 sheets is worth $8. Also, a PDF version of the four different paper designs are included in the deal.

After the 45-day stint in Kickstarter, six to eight weeks will be spent for paper machine acquisition and two months for book covers and magnetics. From January to March next year, printing and book assembly will take place. Final touches and shipping will be from March to April 2016.

Watch the sneak peek video here: