Is Sam Milby “interested” in Mari Jasmine?

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  • Sam Milby’s current inspiration reportedly has been identified to be Mari Jasmine
  • She is a half-Filipina, half-British model who has decided to settle down in the Philippines
  • Sam prefers not to share details, saying “it’s too early”

After much speculation, Sam Milby’s new source of inspiration has been ostensibly identified.

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Mari Jasmine, who is a half-Filipina, half-British model, is allegedly the new lady in Sam’s life.

As shared through Mari Jasmine’s personal website, she is born in Tokyo and stayed there for five years before moving to Australia where she studied and started appearing in minor television commercials and shows. As her modelling career took off, she started seeing more of the world by living and working in different parts of  Australia, France, England, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, India, and Philippines. Since her decision to settle down in the Philippines, Mari Jasmine has been known to host a fashion and lifestyle show at the ETC channel.

In a recent press conference, Sam was grilled by media members to reveal the status of his relationship with Mari Jasmine. Sam simply dismissed the issue, saying, “It’s way too early. That’s why I don’t want to really share too much because it’s too early.”

However, Sam clarified that he would not be expressing that he is “interested” about a girl if he does not see a future with her.

Since her last high-profile romance with Anne Curtis and rumored link to Shaina Magdayao, Sam has not yet been in another serious relationship.

During the same press event, Sam also disclosed that he actually prefers to have a non-showbiz girlfriend so that they can both live in peace and have work separated from personal life. Nevertheless, Sam cleared that it does not take away the fact that he acknowledges the possibility of being involved with someone in the same public limelight because there are just some things that can’t be helped and naturally develops.