Why do dogs tilt their head to the side?

Photo Credit: Huffington Post
  • Dogs are believed to have a weird ability to feel humans’ emotions
  • They tilt their head to the side to show that they empathize
  • They also tilt their head in order to hear the source of sound properly

There’s probably a time in your life when you noticed and wondered why man’s best friends tends to tilt their heads to the side. Thanks to advancement of science and technology, humans can understand the reason behind the actions of these cute creatures.

An article by Michele Debczak for Mental Floss on October 23 published the reason why dogs do the head-tilt, and it will make humans love their best friends more.

According to science “tilting their head to the side is their way of conveying empathy, or an attempt to empathize.” In simpler words, the pooches are tilting their heads to show that they care.

Putting it on human perspective, dog tilting their head is same as a person listening to a sad story and nodding their head; as if saying “yes, I am engaged and listening, and I care.”

Photo Credit: Reuniting All
Photo Credit: Reuniting All

Nicola Oakley mentioned on her article for The Mirror on November 5 that a dog’s head tilting was connected to the dogs’ weird ability to pick up human emotions. Experts said that dogs might not exactly know what is wrong, but they can easily judge when humans are unhappy.

Once they sense this, they will do the “head tilt” as if showing that they are there for you. Mental Floss also added that dogs who are frequent head-tilters could be especially empathetic.

Another reason for the “head tilt” is for dogs to hear sounds better; whether it is to find the source of an incoming danger or to pick up the tone of a command.

An article by Ellen Scott published by Metro on November 4 disclosed that dogs may have good hearing, but they have limited ability to trace source of sound. Experts are suggesting that dogs “angle their heads to slightly adjust their outer ears, in order to pinpoint the exact location of a sound.”