Watch: 90-year-old homeless grandma receives heartwarming surprise from 3 foreigners

  • Three foreigners decide to cheer up a homeless old woman
  • The grandma got lost in Metro Manila years ago and forgot her way back home
  • Passersby get caught in the entertainment number for the old woman

It’s the season of sharing and giving, and although kindness can be bestowed all year round, the holiday season just seems to be the favorite time of the year when many people desire to share much love and cheer around.

Well, here’s a video of three foreigners  who wanted to cheer someone up. And so they went strolling for hours — in search of someone who would benefit with a little bit of serenading.

Guess who pulled at their heartstrings?

They found an old woman, who’s homeless and already 90 years old, somewhere in Pasig City. From their conversation, the three men gathered that the old woman left her hometown to look for some work elsewhere. However, by the looks of it, she had been quite unlucky and ended up among the roaming homeless in the streets because she couldn’t remember the way back home. But she told the men she has a family in Bulacan, but…more buts. Looks like that’s all she remembers?

Anyway, in a video that’s starting to go viral, Jeff James, a GMA recording artist from Hawaii USA,  and his two friends – Japanese Aisaku Yokogawa  and Eric Buzzbee of the USA — decided to spend some time and share some talent in making someone happy.

What they did

They serenaded ‘Lola’ with an OPM song “Ikaw Pa Rin” by Ted Ito and it truly surprised the old woman as apparent on her face.

The men captured on video the joy in the grandma’s face and the people who  chose to be part of the giving moment.

As they entertained Lola, other people also found their effort worth watching and they, too, soon caught the mood of the moment and a number of the spectators shared some money for the homeless woman.

Priceless — it’s the only way to describe moments like this.

See for yourself!