Doctors thought 23-year-old collapsed due to stress but it was a stroke

Photo Credit: The Sun UK
  • A 23-year-old collapsed at work and doctors dismissed it as stress
  • It was eventually discovered that she suffered from a stroke
  • She is now determined to share about her experience to help warn people about it

No one is exempt from a heart attack. That’s what 23-year-old Demi Shaun Rump from South East London learned when she suffered a stroke at the young age of 23 which left her and her doctors in shock.

Rump collapsed while she was at work and when she came in for a check-up, doctors dismissed her case as something due to stress alone. It turned out to be a stroke.

“I went straight to hospital after collapsing at work but I never imagined I was suffering from a stroke,” the 23-year-old recruitment consultant said.

When she collapsed at work, Rump told the local press that she was frightened to find that her arms and legs have gone numb. She was also unable to walk and her speech was slurred. Her mouth has also dropped and has become lopsided on her face. This was a sure sign of a stroke.

“Doctors were convinced I was just stressed but that’s not me, I don’t stress over anything so I knew that wasn’t the cause. A tingling sensation in my arms and legs had left them feeling numb, and when I looked in the mirror I was horrified. My whole mouth had drooped down and my speech was slurred,” she recalled.

Demi said that when she went to the doctors, she presented all these symptoms to them. She was about to be sent home from the hospital when another doctor interrupted, spotted her, and told her to go for further tests.

She was confined in the hospital for three days to recover from the initial effects of the stroke but overall, it took her two months to recover from the whole ordeal.

“I was almost sent home but one doctor recognised that I was suffering from something far worse than just stress. I’m so grateful I was finally diagnosed but it was a huge shock as I thought stokes only happened to older people,” she said.

“The doctors were left baffled as well but I have been on blood thinning medication ever since to try and prevent it from happening again,” she added.

After the ordeal, Rump is determined and passionate about sharing her story to raise awareness on the symptoms of a stroke and to caution the public that stroke is not limited to elderly people. It can happen to everyone. She has documented her recovery and what happened to her and shared some online.