Duterte relishes the challenge of DQ cases, tells voters he has been honest with them

Photo Credit: Rappler
  • Davao City mayor takes the DQ cases as a challenge
  • He says he has been transparent with the public about his shortcomings
  • It is now up to them if they want to vote him for president

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Far from being daunted, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said he is relishing the challenge of having to face the disqualification cases against his candidacy.

“It is giving me more strength,” he told Rappler. “It’s a challenge in the sense that who would enjoy being defeated? But since I am here already, I am presenting myself with all my faults, with all my shortcomings.

“I have little successes as mayor of Davao City, but for me, take me for what I am and if you think I can hack it, go ahead, elect me,” he added. “If not, the judgment is yours.”

Despite respecting the choice of the three — broadcaster Ruben Castor, student leader JP Delas Nieves and disqualified presidential bet Rizality David — who have filed the cases against him, Duterte said he believes Filipino voters will still have the last say in who they want to become president.

“That’s the essence of democracy. You cannot a stop Filipino, it is their constitutional right to file a case,” he said. “Although some are saying people inspired [some] people to file charges against presidential frontrunners, I still believe that at the end of the day, the thinking Filipino voter and the Filipino masses know what is right and what is good for the country.”

“I have presented myself to the public, it is up to them to take me for what I am,” he added. “On election day, the best judgment comes from the sovereign voters.”

The mayor’s camp earlier asked the Comelec to junk Castor’s petition.