Erap: Duterte has no finesse with women, is suited for local politics only

Photo Credit: Deseret News/Philippine Daily Inquirer
  • Ex-president compares personal and political life with Digong’s
  • He says Duterte lacks finesse with his womanizing ways unlike him
  • He also believes mayor is best suited for local politics but not for national office

MANILA, Philippines – For Manila Mayor Erap Estrada, Rodrigo Duterte’s womanizing lacks finesse.

According to the ex-president, the mayor of Davao City should display some finesse like him insofar as dealing as with the opposite sex is concerned.

“My life is an open book and I never hide anything, you have to respect women,” he told the Philippine Star.

Estrada also quipped how Duterte is just copying his womanizing ways.

“He just copied it from me, even in terms of ‘chicks,’” he said. “The difference between us is he doesn’t have finesse.”

Both Estrada and Duterte are admitted womanizers and have children with different partners.

Aside from twitting Duterte on the treatment of women, Estrada said he believes the mayor is suited for local politics only — and for the same reason.

“I think he is just for local politics where he can bully his constituencies,” he said. “It’s really different in national politics.”

“It’s (his leadership style) is very local,” he added. “If you are running for president, you should have finesse. He is just copying me but I have finesse.”

Duterte, a presidential contender in the 2016 elections, is hugely popular with the public due to his tough stance on crime and no-nonsense style of governance which has helped transform Davao City into one of the safest and most prosperous cities in the country.

At the same time, Digong has also earned his fair share of criticism for his candid womanizing and questionable human rights track record.

Estrada became president in 1998 but was forced to step down amidst heavy protests over accusations of corruption and plunder.