Pia Wurtzbach’s alleged ex-BF posts open letter on FB, regrets taking her for granted

Photo Credit: Rappler
  • Wurtzbach’s alleged former boyfriend writes about past relationship with beauty queen
  • He regrets not taking their relationship seriously
  • He’s also remorseful for having cheated on her
  • He’s sharing his story to serve as a lesson to other men to take care of their ladies well

MANILA, Philippines – Whether it’s true or not, this story really proves the adage “you never know what you have until it’s gone.”

On the Facebook page of UST Files, one anonymous poster with the handle ‘Guy With Regrets’ revealed details of his past relationship with newly crowned Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach and how he has come to regret having taken her for granted.

According to him, he met Wurtzbach back in 2007 at the LRT V and opened things up by telling her a joke.

“She was stepping on the yellow line, so I told her, ‘Ate, don’t jump.’ She laughed, then we chatted,” he said. “After that, I courted her discreetly.”

‘Guy With Regrets’ then recalled how he and Wurtzbach used to watch romantic comedy movies at SM Sta. Mesa. He also shared how Wurtzbach would always say she was going to become Miss Universe someday.

“She always said she would become Miss Universe someday,” he said. “I just went along. Sure, but I really didn’t believe it. I thought her beauty was just for the university. I never expected she would reach the international level.”

As fate would have it, the man admitted he didn’t treat Wurtzbach very well when they were still a couple.

“I admit, I was an idiot then,” he said. “I didn’t take her seriously. I did not exert effort. I was always taking her for granted. I regularly did not reply [to her calls or text messages]. When she wanted to go somewhere, I was talking s*** and making up excuses. I was so stupid, I undervalued her worth.”

The worst however, was when he cheated on her with his blockmate.

“When we had an outing, I committed the most insensitive and heartless mistake,” he said. “I had a fling with my blockmate who was close to me. Pia was so sweet and had the greatest personality. She cried and cried after learning I cheated on her. Then she broke up with me.”

Subsequently, ‘Guy With Regrets’ said his subsequent relationship saw his girlfriend cheating on him with other men and believes it was because of what he did to Wurtzbach.

Ending his post, the man said he was sharing his story so men would know not to take their significant others for granted.

“Maybe I’m sharing this story because I want to tell other guys not to be idiots,” he wrote. “Because first, it will come back to bite you. Second, if you fool around with a woman, she will find a way to prove she’s beautiful and deserves your respect, that you should treat her as Miss Universe.”