Pia Wurtzbach’s mom happy, proud of daughter winning Miss Universe tilt

Photo Credit: Missosology
  • Mother of new Miss Universe shares her thoughts on daughter’s unconventional crowning
  • She says watching the finals was an emotional rollercoaster
  • She also states she is not mad at Steve Harvey for his mistake
  • At the same time, she believed her daughter would win even before the pageant began
  • She adds she will also keep reminding her daughter to stay grounded and be herself

MANILA, Philippines – While it’s been days since Pia Wurtzbach became Miss Universe, her mother Cheryl Alonzo Tyndall said everything is still just starting to sink in—especially the non-traditional manner of her daughter’s victory.

“My God, it’s like a roller coaster,” the London-based Tyndall told ABS-CBN. “I was about to turn off my laptop when the host said Miss Colombia is Miss Universe. But for some reason, I did not turn it off but just kept peeking at it since I was about to sleep because it was 3 AM.”

Tyndall then recounted how she came to believe her daughter won after host Steve Harvey apologized.

“I was thinking Pia won because she was good,” she said. “When it was announced the first runner-up is Miss Colombia, and the Miss Universe is the Philippines, it was good thing I did not go to Las Vegas because I would have high blood. It’s a good thing I was at home in bed watching in case I would faint.”

“We were very happy,” she added.

Tyndall also added she was not angry at host Steve Harvey for the mix-up since he took responsibility.

“I’m not angry at the host because he apologized,” she said. “I won’t judge him because he said he will take responsibility. Right then and there, he made things right, so for me he shouldn’t really be judged.”

Despite the controversy, Tyndall said she always believed her daughter would win even before the contest began.

“I had a light feeling,” she said. “Before the pageant began and I was washing dishes, I thought to myself, ‘Naku, Pia will be crowned later. I felt my daughter would win because she’s good, determined and positive.”

Now that her daughter is Miss Universe, Tyndall said she wants Pia to remember those who helped her and remain down-to-earth as she is set to begin her duties.

“I don’t want her to forget to be grateful to her supporters, to those who helped her with her trainings,” she said. “And of course, she must not forget praying.”