Priest: Duterte’s cursing unbecoming of a presidentiable

Photo Credit: Philippine Canadian Inquirer/ABS-CBN
  • Caritas Manila director scores Davao City mayor for cursing in public
  • He says someone who wants to be president should be a good example
  • Rather than using Caritas to regulate himself, Duterte should practice self-control

MANILA, Philippines – If Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte wants to stop cursing in public, then he should quit the habit himself.

Scoring the Davao City mayor for cursing openly in public, Caritas Manila executive director Rev. Fr. Anton CT Pascual said the tough-talking mayor should refrain from using the Catholic charity as his collateral in dealing with his use of expletives.

“He should not be swearing in public because presidency is about character,” he told the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “A president or a presidentiable who swears in public is not a good role model.”

“He could not have done that,” Pascual continued. “He should stop swearing and he needs to have self-control.”

Duterte earlier shocked even his biggest supporters when he cursed Pope Francis in jest for causing him to be stuck in heavy traffic.

The mayor later apologized and said he was just frustrated at the government’s inability to handle traffic efficiently.

He also met with Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles and other ranking prelates and promised to donate P1,000 to Caritas Davao every time he utters an expletive in order to regulate his habit.

Duterte, popular with the public due to his tough stance on crime and no-nonsense style of governance which has helped transform Davao City into one of the safest and most prosperous cities in the Philippines, has also elicited criticism over his heavy-handed measures against criminals and political incorrectness.

Aside from his slur at the pontiff, Duterte also attracted the ire of women’s groups and rights advocates after he candidly admitted to having “two wives and two girlfriends.”