Stray dogs allowed to sleep inside a cafe in Greece after closing

Photo credit: Eustratios Papanis' Facebook
  • Stray dogs are allowed to sleep inside a coffee shop in Mytilene, Lesbos, Greece
  • Many people in Greece abandon their pets amid the ongoing crisis
  • Hott Spott opens its doors to stray dogs to keep them warm and comfortable at night

Amid crisis, after closing its doors to customers every night, a coffee shop in Mytilene, Lesbos, Greece opens again to let stray dogs sleep in a warm and comfortable place.

“The dogs come and sleep here [Hott Spott]. We don’t have a problem. From July, every night there is a dog on the couch,” said a waiter at the cafe as quoted by Julija Televiciute of Bored Panda.

Earlier, Greek charities reported that there have been over one million stray dogs in the country, largely owing to the debt crisis.

A photo of the dogs sleeping inside the cafe was taken and then posted on Facebook by Eustratios Papanis, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of the Aegean. The photo touches many hearts online.

“That is so sweet more people all over the world should do this!” wrote K. Reddekopp.

“Wow what great people out there! All the dogs you bring in can’t say thank you enough? More people should be more kind hearted like you guys,” W. Bellemore-Hyatt expressed.

“So heartwarming. Many thanks. You are amazing people with such incredible compassion,” commented J. Marsden-Howell.

“Praying that there maybe more kind, caring and dog loving people like the owner as well as their employees. Regarding maltreatment of refugees, well it’s just like in treating animals, not all people are kind and loving,right? There are people who treat animals cruelly like the owners of this stray dogs,” said E. Daguindal.

While A. Scida said: “What a wonderful thing to do. I would love to donate something to the owner. I’m sure these dogs are also fed. And who knows if a sick one wonders in maybe he takes it to a vet. And I don’t want to hear about sanitation. If you only knew what was going on in our very own Chinese take out pizza places fast food or even the best restaurants. It’s food and not always easy to keep a head of the grime.”