Inspirational: Call center agent finally graduating from college after 10 years, says poverty no excuse to reach one’s dreams

Photo Credit: Jay Torres Solitana
  • Proud son of jeepney driver and househelper shares touching story on social media
  • He says he had to drop out of school and work as a call center agent to support his family
  • After becoming more stable, Solitana says he decided to finish his education
  • He thanks everyone, including his family, friends, and colleagues for supporting him
  • He also says being poor is no excuse to achieve one’s dreams

MANILA, Philippines – To students griping about how hard school life is, may this inspire you.

Jay Torres Solitana, a student of the University of the Philippines Diliman, showed his peers everywhere how being poor is no excuse to achieve one’s dreams after he shared how he’s finally graduating from college after 10 long years.

On his Facebook page, Solitana said he initially had to drop out from his nursing course at Far Eastern University in 2006 (FEU) because his parents — a jeepney driver and househelper — were unable to support his education.

Despite not being able to finish, Solitana said he never blamed his father and mother, and instead he applied for a call center job in 2008 so he could support them and his siblings.

After becoming financially stable, Solitana opted to finish his college education.

“I felt like I should reward myself with all the hard work,” he said. “I thought earning a college degree is the best gift that I can give to myself.”

Continuing where he left off, Solitana paid off his remaining balance in FEU and transferred to UP Diliman in 2012 for a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication course.

There, Solitana experienced the hardships of being a working student.

“It was really hard being a working student. There were a lot of times like I want to give up,” he said; citing how he had to juggle his work and his academic requirements just so he wouldn’t fail.

Although he struggled for sure, Solitana said he was able to survive, and thanks those who supported him.

“I was backed up by a lot of people loving and believing in me that I can make it, and with God’s grace, I did,” he said; thanking his teachers, friends and classmates from UP as well as his co-workers and supervisors at the call center for supporting him all the way.

In the end, Solitana — who described himself as the proud son of a jeepney driver and househelper — told his fellow students the nutshell of his story — that poverty is never a hindrance if one is willing to work hard for one’s dreams.