China’s official paper criticizes EDCA decision, tells PH it will pay dearly for ‘stupid move’

Photo Credit: Yahoo News
  • China’s Xinhua News Agency blasts SC’s decision declaring EDCA legal
  • It says China is innocent, dedicated to solving the dispute through peaceful means
  • Paper calls on PH to cooperate or else pay for its ‘stupid move’ in the future
  • US also criticized for meddling in an internal affair

MANILA, Philippines – Blasting the Supreme Court (SC)’s decision declaring the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) between the Philippines and the United States as legal, China’s official press agency Xinhua News said such a move will only aggravate tensions further in the West Philippine Sea.

In its editorial, the paper questioned the move since China has been committed to peacefully resolving the dispute.

“In this regard, the deal is groundless because China, which sticks to a defensive defense policy, has never coerced any country on the [West Philippine] Sea issue but has been calling on concerned parties to peacefully solve maritime disputes through negotiations,” it said.

The editorial also criticized the US for meddling in an internal affair and mocked the Philippines for giving up its sovereignty.

“In fact it is the United States, the world policeman, that wants to meddle in Asian affairs under the guise of ‘enhancing defense cooperation’ between it and the Philippines,” it said. “Furthermore, it is ridiculous that Washington, while advocating ‘upholding international law,’ signed a deal with a country that spares no expense to sacrifice its sovereignty, Constitution, and public opinion to achieve its questionable goal.”

In the end, the editorial called on the Philippines to reconsider its position or else pay dearly for its “stupid move.”

“The US military intervention in the Asia-Pacific will only escalate tensions in the region, of which the Philippines is an indispensable part. Manila has to bear the negative consequences of its stupid move in the future. Therefore, it is advisable that it solves disputes with China through negotiations without seeking help from a third party,” it said.