De Lima admits Duterte has potential to be good president (minus his cursing, vulgar language)

Photo Credit: Balita/Philippine Daily Inquirer
  • Archnemesis of Davao City mayor comments on his leadership style
  • She stresses minus his cursing, Duterte actually has potential to be good president
  • She adds mayor actually has many good points like his federalism and anti-corruption drive

MANILA, Philippines – Even though they are engaged in an on-and-off word war, Leila de Lima still respects Rodrigo Duterte, albeit begrudgingly.

On its Facebook, a pro-Duterte group released a News5 interview showing De Lima commenting on her foe’s leadership style and saying he could be a good president — if he would stop using vulgar language, that is.

“Mayor Duterte, minus his proneness for cursing and use of vulgar language, actually has a good vision,” she said.

“For example, he raises good points on federalism and fighting against corruption,” she continued. “Again, it’s only his approach. Were it not for that, he can be considered acceptable [for president].

De Lima also stressed Duterte’s crude language can still be rectified.

“That is something he can be taught on, the use of finesse for his words and actuations,” she said.

De Lima, retired Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Chair Etta Rosales and Duterte  have had several brushes in the past due to the mayor’s open statements advocating tough measures against criminals and his alleged questionable human rights record.

Duterte is running for president under a strong anti-crime and corruption platform and is popular with the public due to his tough guy image and no-nonsense style of governance.

Earlier, Duterte recalled how De Lima attempted to link him to death squads allegedly operating in his city.

“The drama of that gaga (fool) was ‘Mr. Mayor, you were overheard one day talking about a certain Alfredo Mendoza. What is horrible is two days after that, he was found dead with a gunshot wound in his dead. What can you say about that?” Duterte recalled De Lima’s question.

“I answered ambot (I don’t know),” he answered in response.