Fil-Chinese businessmen listen to Duterte, react positively to his anti-crime platform

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  • Duterte reveals platform to Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Incorporated
  • Mayor says he will ensure peace and order for businesses to prosper
  • FCCCIII president and vice president okay with his platform

MANILA, Philippines – With one officer noting the overflowing attendance, members of the Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Incorporated (FCCCII) listened intently as presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte pitched his anti-crime and corruption platform as a surefire way of making businesses prosper and thrive in the country.

“Most of the Filipino-Chinese community are in business so if there is peace and order, there is business,” he told the audience.

Later on, FFCCCII president Angel Yu and vice president Dr. Henry Lim Bon Liong noted how Duterte had left a favorable impression on the members.

“As a businessman, we welcome him because of his unorthodox way of doing things against graft and corruption, for peace and order,” Liong told Rappler. “If he can do it in Davao, hopefully he can do it throughout the Philippines.”

“People are impressed with the evidence that he made Davao the fifth safest city in the world,” Yu added. “In peace and order, the mayor has no rival. He is really No. 1 there.”

Yu also said the Filipino-Chinese community would be more inclined to support Duterte given his proven track record and because Fil-Chinese are usually the targets of kidnap-for-ransom groups.

“The Filipino-Chinese community is scared. Are they going to stay or are they going to move out? That is the question. But later on, with Duterte coming out as mayor, he solved the kidnapping cases so these people feel safe so they support him,” he said.

Duterte is hugely popular with the public due to his tough stance on crime and no-nonsense style of governance as mayor of Davao City.