#Hugot: Test paper with ‘deep’ Filipino instructions goes viral

Photo credit: Filipino Dubs
  • A test paper with Filipino ‘hugot’ (deep thought) instructions goes viral
  • A photograph of the test paper is shared by a Facebook page
  • It generates over 122, 000 reactions and more than 60,000 shares

A photograph of a test paper which has Filipino “hugot” [deep emote words] instructions went viral after it was shared by a Facebook page Filipino Dubs.

“HAHAHA pati sa exam may hugot din [laughs  Even exams has ‘deep emote words’],” Filipino Dubs captioned the photo.

Many Facebook users commented on the post, which has generated over 122,000 reactions and more than 60,000 shares as of posting.

“‘Pag ganito siguro exam sure gaganahan mga estudyante exam lage [Perhaps, if exams are like this, students would be more ‘alive’ in taking tests],” A. Diola commented.

 S. Montalbo shares hope that all test papers are like this so examinees will still be able to smile even if they are lost for answers

Some commented with their own hugot lines, like O. Gab: “‘Pag ‘di mo alam ang sagot, isulat mo pag-ibig, dahil walang mali sa pag ibig [If you don’t know the answer, write love. Because there’s nothing’s wrong with love].”

While some said they would also do such thing if given the chance, like T. Ortiz. who reacted: “Hahahaha kung teacher lang ako lahat ng directions ganito [laughs If I were a teacher, all directions would be like this].

While some seem to have a clue on where the test paper came from.

“Sa John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University to ah. Haha. Ayos talaga, nakarating na dito [This came from John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University! Wow! It’s being shared online now],” said E. Dangallo.

“Naging teacher ko ‘yung gumawa nito. Kapag nag exam kami sa kanya hindi pwedeng hindi kami matatawa sa mga tanong. Magaling na guro, napakahusay mag-turo (My former teacher was the one who prepared this test paper. Every time we had an exam, we could not help but laugh over the questions. Real good teacher, a very effective one),” wrote W. De Guzman.