Watch: Newest Duterte-Cayetano ad vows real change, warns foes of opposing their reforms

Photo Credit: Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano
  • Tandem releases newest ad promising real change
  • Ad stresses opponents of Duterte and Cayetano are out to hinder their plans
  • Foes warned their days are numbered

MANILA, Philippines – In a campaign ad so Digong-esque like the last one, the newest promotional video of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte which also includes his running mate Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano this time around warns their opponents of being a hindrance to their effort to bring about true change.

In the ad which the senator shared on his Facebook, a poster of Duterte and Cayetano can be seen being pelted with mud, rocks, and eggs before being shot and set on fire — an obvious reference to the black propaganda and other accusations being hurled at the duo. Simultaneously, a voiceover can be heard narrating how the tandem would be imperiled by those who detest real change.

Lumalabas na ang galit ng mga ayaw at tutol sa pagbabago ang mga nakikinabang sa sistemang magulo [The anger of those who are against change and object to it, those who are benefiting from the troubled system is rising],” the voice says, before addressing the viewers with the tandem’s promise of real change.

“Sobra na ang gulo n’yo, sobra na ang pahirap n’yo, parating na ang tunay na pagbabago,” the voice says. “Babalik na ang kapayapaan sa ating paligid. Kaayusan sa ating Gobyerno. Kaginhawaan sa ating buhay.”

[You have experienced too much trouble and hardships, it’s time for real change. Peace is coming back to our surroundings, as well as efficiency in our government and prosperity in our lives]

Days earlier, the Duterte Movement released a video which emphasized Duterte’s ability to bring about peace and order.

The video, which did not contain his face or any dialogue, touted Davao City’s ranking as the 9th safest city in the world as proof of the mayor’s executive abilities.



Tunay Na PagbabagoBabalik na ang kapayapaan sa ating paligid. Kaayusan sa ating Gobyerno. Kaginhawaan sa ating buhay! #TunayNaPagbabago #DuterteCayetano

Posted by Alan Peter Cayetano on Thursday, January 28, 2016