Pacquiao’s last fight will be Bradley, to focus on politics afterwards

  • Pacquiao dismisses claims he won’t retire until he fights Floyd Mayweather again
  • He says Timothy Bradley will definitely be his last fight
  • He will concentrate on his political career after he retires
  • Pacquiao’s promoter not so sure he means it though

MANILA, Philippines – Timothy Bradley will definitely be his last.

Brushing off claims he will not retire until he can fight Floyd Mayweather again, Manny Pacquiao said he will wrap up his career after his bout with Bradley which is scheduled for April 9.

“I did not say anything like that,” he told GMA News. “Nobody interviewed me about that. I will retire after my April 9 fight. My fight with Timothy Bradley will be my last.”

Pacquiao added he will focus on his political career once he hangs up his gloves for good.

“I am retiring from boxing to concentrate on my political career,” he said. “My survey rankings have been consistent and I expect it to improve once the campaign starts.”

Pacquiao, a representative of Sarangani, is running for senator in the 2016 elections. He is currently ranked 7th among the bets.

Earlier, reported Pacquiao as saying he wanted another shot at Mayweather.

“I have been very vocal about it even before the Bradley fight was made official on New Year’s Eve. The reason is simple, I want to end my 21-year-boxing career with a bang so to speak,” he supposedly said.

For his part, Pacquiao’s long-time promoter Bob Arum said he was not convinced by his ward’s announcement.

“I don’t want to say that. I’m not going to sell it as that because I don’t want everybody to say, ‘Hey it’s his last fight, come and see it!’ and then it turns out it’s not his last fight,” he said. “Who the hell knows with these guys? They all change their minds so I’m not selling it as his last fight. He says it’s his last fight but who the hell knows?”