Widow of ISIS victim sues Twitter ‘for failing to tackle terror recruiters on social media’

  • The widow of an ISIS victim sued Twitter for allowing terrorists to spread propaganda on site
  • She alleged that Twitter failed to stop ISIS in carrying out terrorist acts
  • The woman cited violations under the Anti-Terrorism Act

The widow of an American killed during attacks carried out by ISIS in Jordan is suing Twitter “for failing to tackle terror recruiters on social media.”

Tamara Fields, whose husband Lloyd was killed when members of the extremist group attacked a police training center in Amman last November, alleged that the social network company based in San Francisco had knowingly allowed terror groups to spread their propaganda and do their recruitment online via the site.

“Without Twitter, the explosive growth of ISIS over the last few years into the most-feared terrorist group in the world would not have been possible,” the woman’s camp stated in their complaint filed at the federal court in Oakland, California, as quoted by GMA News.

The woman also cited possible violations under the Anti-Terrorism Act, which charges triple damages to organizations that aid or give material support to terror groups.

She claims that the company had given ISIS the “unfettered” ability to maintain the accounts of members of the terror group while pointing out that at the time of her husband’s death, the extremists have had around 70,000 Twitter accounts, which posted an estimated 90 tweets per minute.

“While we believe the lawsuit is without merit, we are deeply saddened to hear of this family’s terrible loss. Violent threats and the promotion of terrorism deserve no place on Twitter and, like other social networks, our rules make that clear,” Twitter Inc. said in response to the lawsuit.

Experts believe that this civil lawsuit could add pressure to social media companies, like Twitter and Facebook, to take down accounts of those associated with any of these terror groups.

The Obama administration had recently created a task force that would specifically crack down on such terror organizations that utilize social media to advance their goals.

Security officials have met with top executives in Silicon Valley to discuss how they could use the same technology to counter the terrorists.

Moving forward, social media sites will have to weigh in on their roles in allowing the flow of free speech while at the same time discouraging the use of these sites to carry out terrorist agenda.

For her part, the widow Mrs. Fields, hopes that the government could do more to keep ISIS off Twitter.