Activists give ‘rotten cake’ to Pres Aquino on his birthday

  • Activists delivered a “rotten cake” to President Benigno Aquino III on his birthday
  • The protesters said the cake symbolize the poor services provided by the government
  • They criticized the veto made by the President for the increase of SSS pension of senior citizens

Activists trooped to President Benigno Aquino III’s home in Times Square, Quezon City to deliver their “gift” for the President on his birthday.

The gift? — A “rotten cake” for President Aquino on his 56th birthday; his sixth and final celebration while in office.

Members of the urban poor group Kalipunan ng Kadamayang Mahirap (Kadamay) blasted the poor state of social services given by the current government. The rotten cake serve as a symbol of government inaction and lack of care for the poor, they said.

In particular, the group called Aquino “heartless” for his veto of the proposed legislation that would have approved an across-the-board P2,000 increase for pensioners and senior citizens in the Social Security System (SSS).

One of those in the crowd of protesters was 88-year-old Mameng Daynida who also happened to share the same birthday as the President.

The birthday celebrator led the group of activists in bringing the rotten cake to the President’s area.

Hindi na siya kailangang magtagal sa puwesto! Kailangan ngayon na, mawala na siya! Hindi na namin siya kailangan. Wala naman siyang naitulong. [He doesn’t have to stay in power anymore! It has to be now that he steps down! We do not need him anymore. He has not done any help at all],” an angry Nanay Mameng, as she is called by her comrades, shouted with her right fist clenched in the air, as recorded by ABS-CBN News.

The group also criticized the so-called Daang Matuwid (Straight Path) which they say has not benefited the poor at all.

Throughout the protest, police officers secured the President’s home. No untoward incident was reported.