Actor dies after being stabbed with Samurai sword while rehearsing for a play

Photo Credit: Tribune
  • An actor dies after being stabbed with a sword while rehearsing for a play
  • Daigo Kashino, 30, was seen by other members of the theater group hunched and moaning
  • Kashino was rushed to a hospital to get emergency treatment; however, he died hours later

TOKYO, Japan – A Japanese stage actor died after being stabbed with a Samurai sword while they were rehearsing for a theater rehearsal.

An article by Jon Dean for The Mirror published on February 16 identified the victim as 33-year-old Daigo Kashino, who was stabbed in the stomach while practicing his lines with the rest of the cast at a Japanese studio.

Kashino was rehearsing with several people at a downtown Tokyo studio on Monday when the incident occurred.

The victim was rushed immediately to a hospital to get emergency treatment. However, the injuries were so severe that he died hours later. Local media reports indicated that nobody was watching when the incident happened, so no one could tell what exactly happened or how it happened.

Corey Charlton mentioned in his article for Mail Online published on February 16 that the Tokyo police has already launched an investigation to find out if the death was criminal or accidental.

Photo Credit: Metro
Photo Credit: Metro

The police are also checking whether the weapon was real or just a prop.

An article by The Guardian published on February 16 said that other members of the theater group rehearsing with Kashino just saw him hunched over as they turned around after hearing him groan.

Police didn’t describe the sword and didn’t reveal if it might have had safety features to prevent injury.

Samurai sword, more commonly known as katana, were traditionally-made Japanese swords. Katanas were used by warriors (samurai) of feudal Japan. Modern versions of the katana are sometimes made using non-traditional materials and methods.

The katana is characterized by its distinctive appearance: a curved, slender, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands.